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World Nomads is best known for insuring young Kiwis going on a gap year trip. They’re recommended by The Lonely Planet and National Geographic, and they market themselves for young, adventurous backpackers.

Even though the focus is on younger travelers, World Nomads does insure New Zealand residents under the age of 70.

World Nomads (also known as Worldnomads or nomads insurance to many New Zealanders) is one of the biggest names in travel insurance. They cover people from over 150 countries, and have a reputation for hassle free claims and the ability buy or extend your policy out of country.

In this World Nomads and Lonely Planet travel insurance review, we give you both the good and bad, and look at the plans they offer, and talk discounts.

World Nomads discounts for New Zealand

We tried several promotion codes for World Nomads, but only found one that works:

WNJAN15 – it gave us a 7% discount. Not bad!

Tip: It seems that World Nomads changes this code regularly. So, if WNJAN15 doesn’t work for you, try substituting the current month and year, e.g., WNMAR15. Also try the previous month! When we successfully used the WNJAN15 code, it was mid-February!

Here’s how to enter the promo code:

Enter your information (age, travel dates, country of origin and where you’re travelling) on the first page.

When your quote appears, there’s an area just above the total where you can enter the promo code for World Nomads.

World Nomads Enter Promotion code 640

Click Apply Code. Your new price, with the discount, is shown.

Tip! You MUST click the Apply Code button. If you just click Buy, your discount won’t appear.

World Nomads New Zealand Promotion coupon code successful

Advantages/The Good

  • Prices are competitive
  • Getting a quote and buying online is easy
  • Discount codes are available
  • You can buy, extend and claim online. No need to hassle with phone calls or faxes.
  • You can buy travel insurance travel insurance after you’ve already left New Zealand. Most travel insurance companies require that you buy insurance before you leave on your trip, so this is perfect if you’ve left already and forgotten to buy travel insurance.
  • You can add extra coverage for expensive personal items (like a laptop or camera), and add cover for adventure sports, work, study and volunteer activities.


  • World Nomads doesn’t offer travel insurance for anyone age 70 or older.

How to Get a Quote

You can get a quote from World Nomads online, or just use the form below to get a quote directly from World Nomads.

World Nomads travel insurance policies

World Nomads offers two packages, both with a $100 excess.

The Standard package includes $5 million in overseas medical costs, $3,500 trip cancellation, and $2,000 theft or damage to baggage and personal items.

The Explorer package includes unlimited overseas medical costs, unlimited trip cancellation, and $10,000 theft or damage to baggage and personal items.

How much does World Nomads insurance cost?

All the following prices were for 2 weeks and are here solely to give you an example of typical costs.

For a single person under the age of 70, we were quoted $66 (before discount) for the Standard policy, and $86 (before discount) for the Explorer policy.

For a couple, we were quoted $123.60 (before discount) for the Standard policy, and $161.60 (before discount) for the Explorer policy, making it a bit cheaper to travel with a partner.

For a family, we were quoted $130 (before discount) for the Standard policy, and $170 (before discount) for the Explorer policy, making a family policy the best deal of all.

How does World Nomads define a family? One or two travellers, 69 years old or younger, with up to 8 dependents 20 years old or younger, all New Zealanders and travelling together for over 50% of the trip. One of the travelling adults must be the legal guardian of the dependent(s).

Note: The above quotes were for travel to Australia, but the cost of your policy may be different if you travel to a different region. World Nomads offers different prices and policies depending on numerous factors.

Policies and coverage can change at any time, without warning. This article is only intended as general advice. Please check your own policy carefully and visit the World Nomads website for up to date information.

The Bottom Line

If you’re under age 70, World Nomads is one of the most competitively priced travel insurance companies out there.

Was our World Nomads and Lonely Planet travel insurance review helpful? Send us a note if you’d like anything else included.

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