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Air New Zealand has been around since 1940, and is a partner of Star Alliance. Air New Zealand Travel Insurance offers travel insurance to the general public.Air New Zealand Travel Insurance Review

Air New Zealand Travel Insurance is provided by Cover-More Travel Insurance. You can read our review on Cover-More Travel Insurance on it’s own review page here.

Advantages/The Good

  • Air New Zealand travel insurance includes a 15 day, no fee cancellation policy (provided you are not already on holiday)
  • Loss, theft and damage coverage is included on all policies
  • Travel interruptions or changes include expenses for travel delay, resumption of journey and amendment costs
  • Activities such as skydiving, parasailing, paragliding, white water rafting and snorkelling are included in all plans
  • Children under 21 are typically included for free
  • Convenience –  Air New Zealand Travel Insurance policies can be easily included when purchasing a flight on Air New Zealand
  • Quick, online quote system


  • Air New Zealand Travel Insurance is only available to New Zealand residents 69 and under
  • Winter activities like skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling require an extra optional insurance
  • Higher premiums for time spent in the Americas

The Bottom line

Quick, easy and lots of options, some Air New Zealand policies can be pricier than others. Check our comparison of the most affordable New Zealand travel insurance companies for seniors, domestic, ski and backpackers travel insurance.

How to Get a Quote

You can get a quote through Air New Zealand here.

Air New Zealand Travel Insurance Plans

Air New Zealand offers multiple travel insurance policies for either single trip or multi-trip insurance plans. At this time there are five international plans to choose from, including: International Single Trip, Business Single Trip, Koru Multi Trip, International Multi Trip and Business Multi Trip.

Tip! When comparing plans, make sure you compare Excess Fees (the fee you pay when making a claim) for each product. Air New Zealand Travel Insurance Excess Fees range from $0 to $500, so pay attention when making a comparison between travel insurance plans.

International Single Trip Insurance

This is the most popular Air New Zealand Travel Insurance policy for international trips. With unlimited medical and dental expenses ,as well as $15,000 loss of income, and $50,000 loss of limb on your return home, you’re covered at home and abroad.

They also offer a generous $25,000 for loss, theft or damage on all luggage, however note that there is only a $200 max on sporting goods, so if you’re travelling with an expensive set of golf clubs or a surfboard you might want to get additional insurance on those items.

Business Single Trip Insurance

If you’re flying primarily for business then opting for Single Trip Business Insurance might be a good idea. With a reduced excess waiver on car rentals, greater coverage for lost luggage as well as an extra $2000 replacement on business equipment, as well as $500 for sporting goods, and $3000 for delayed luggage, you’ll be better prepared for that critical meeting should something happen while you’re away.

Koru Multi Trip Insurance

Available exclusively to Koru, Airpoints Gold and Airpoints Elite Members, the lower priced Koru Multi Trip Insurance is an attractive plan if you qualify. With unlimited trips worldwide (60 days each or less) you can do a lot of travelling with a Koru Multi Trip Plan. Very similar to the Business plans, it includes greater coverage in a lot of areas than the International plans.

International Multi Trip Insurance

Nearly identical to the International Single Trip plan, the Multi Trip plan includes unlimited trips anywhere in the world up to 60 days.

Business Multi Trip Insurance

Nearly identical to the Business Single Trip plan, the Multi Trip plan includes unlimited trips anywhere in the world up to 60 days. Also included: One holiday journey during the year for up to 28 days.

Want to know more?

We hope you found our Air New Zealand Travel Insurance review helpful! Check out their site for more information.

If you’re over the age of 69, check out our article on finding the best travel insurance for New Zealand seniors.

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