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Whether you’re looking for student travel insurance for yourself or you’re looking for your son or daughter, the truth is that New Zealand students need travel insurance when they’re travelling or studying abroad.

We’ve looked into a dozen different plans and have come up with a few solid choices. The quotes are based on a mid-20 year old New Zealander in good health for six months.

1Cover Student Travel Insurance

1Cover Travel Insurance is one of New Zealand’s most popular insurance companies, and it offers insurance to everyone from students to seniors and families. You can check out our review of 1Cover here.

1Cover offers two policies for students who travel: a basic medical insurance policy for $399 NZD and a comprehensive policy for $521 NZD.

You need to buy the 1Cover policy before you leave on your trip.

Price for the 1Cover Plan C basics medical single trip plan: $399 NZD


  • unlimited overseas medical emergency insurance
  • no trip cancellation or luggage cover
  • no rental vehicle excess

Price for the 1Cover Plan A comprehensive plan: $521 NZD 


  • unlimited medical emergency insurance
  • unlimited trip cancellation
  • $15,000 luggage and personal effects
  • $5,000 rental vehicle excess

How to get a quote with 1Cover

You can get a student insurance quote with 1Cover on their website or just get a quote below.

World Nomads Travel Insurance

World Nomads is probably the best known company for student travel insurance. They’re mentioned in the Lonely Planet and Rough Guides, and they specialize in insurance for the under 55 crowd. You can check out our review of World Nomads here.

World Nomads is one of the only policies we’ve found that can be purchased once you’ve left New Zealand. They also let you make claims and extend your policy online.

How much does a World Nomads policy cost?

World Nomads offers two policies: a more affordable Standard Package, and an Explorer package, which is a bit pricier but includes more cover.

Price for six months of travel worldwide is $481 for the Standard Package, and $681 for the Explorer package. 

Both policies include cover for Level 1 Adventure sports, work, study & volunteer coverage, which includes things like snorkelling (and bungee jumping, surprisingly). You can add on a Level 2 cover or go all the way to a Level 3 cover (which includes ski, skydiving and trapeze insurance, among others). Level 3 costs $479 NZD extra on the Standard Package and a whopping $679 NZD extra on the Explorer Package.

The Standard package costs $481, and includes:

  • $5 million overseas medical costs
  • $3,500 trip cancellation
  • Level 1 adventure sports like snorkelling

The Explorer package costs $681 and includes:

  • unlimited overseas medical costs
  • unlimited trip cancellation
  • Level 1 adventure sports like snorkelling

If you’re bringing an expensive laptop, camera or other expensive item, you can add on additional insurance for personal items.

Tip! Check out our World Nomads review for great tips on discount codes for New Zealand backpackers.

How to Get a Quote

You can get a quote from World Nomads online, or just use the form below to get a quote directly from World Nomads.

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