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Family travel is as important for Kiwis as it is for the rest of the world. Not only does it create shared lasting memories, it’s been proven that travelling with your family can actually strengthen the family bond.

Not only that, a nice thing about travelling with your family is that travel insurance is cheaper as a family compared to individual plans.

The best thing is that most travel insurance plans don’t charge anything for dependents as long as they’re under 21 and are travelling with a parent, grandparent or guardian.

We’ve compared 11 travel insurance policies for our family sample (2 parents and 2 children) and a few definitely stand out.

Here are average prices for a two week long trip to Europe for a 35 year old couple and their two children.

1Cover Travel Insurance

1Cover Travel Insurance is one of the most popular travel insurance companies in Australia and New Zealand. They have offices across the country.

You can read our review of 1Cover Travel Insurance here.

The price was $170 for the Plan C Basics and $218 for the Plan A Comprehensive.

Plan C Basics – $170 includes:

  • unlimited overseas medical insurance
  • no trip cancellation
  • no luggage insurance

Plan A Comprehensive – $218 includes:

  • unlimited overseas medical insurance
  • unlimited trip cancellation
  • $30,000 luggage and personal effects

If you’re a frequent traveller, 1Cover also has a family multi-trip plan (Plan E Frequent Traveller International Plan), for $678, which includes:

  • unlimited overseas medical insurance
  • unlimited trip cancellation
  • $30,000 luggage and personal effects

You can get a quote for 1Cover family travel insurance below or on the 1Cover website.

World Nomads Family Travel Insurance

World Nomads is best known for insuring young, adventurous backpackers, but they were also one of the most affordable plans for family travel insurance.

Want to learn more? Check out our review of World Nomads, which also has some tips on World Nomads discounts and coupons.

Tip! If you’ve left on your trip and forgotten to buy insurance, Worlds Nomads is one of the only countries that will let you buy travel insurance after you’ve left New Zealand.

The price was $240 for the Standard Plan and $300 for the Explorer Plan.

Standard Plan – $240 includes:

  • 10 million overseas medical insurance
  • $7,000 cancellation
  • $4,000 luggage and personal effects

Explorer Plan – $300 includes:

  • unlimited overseas medical insurance
  • unlimited trip cancellation
  • $20,000 luggage and personal effects

You can add extra coverage for expensive personal items (like a laptop or camera), and add cover for adventure sports, work, study and volunteer activities.

How to Get a Quote

You can get a quote from World Nomads on their site, or just use the form below to get a quote directly from World Nomads.


Travel Insurance Direct

The Travel Insurance Direct Family policy came in at $198, and included:

  • unlimited overseas medical insurance
  • unlimited cancellation
  • 24,000 luggage and personal effects

The Travel Insurance Direct automatically included 43 Pre-existing Medical Conditions at no extra cost.

You can get a quote with Travel Insurance Direct on their website.

American Express Family Travel Insurance

American Express offers a family travel insurance policy for $318 NZD that includes:

  • unlimited medical insurance
  • unlimited trip cancellation
  • $30,000 baggage and personal effects

If you travel frequently with the family, American Express also offered a multi-trip annual policy called Plan B Frequent Traveller. At $543 NZD, it offered insurance for multiple trips of up to 37 days (leisure) or 90 days (business) with unlimited medical insurance and unlimited trip cancellation.

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