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At New Zealand Travel Insurance Review, we have in depth reviews of New Zealand travel insurance companies to help you sort through all the fine print.

As frequent travellers, we understand the frustration of wading through countless online insurance sites trying to compare travel insurance plans.

We built this site to help New Zealanders compare travel insurance and choose the right plan for them.

Unlike the vast majority of sites out there, we are not owned by any insurance company and don’t sell insurance on this site.

Browse Our New Zealand Reviews on Travel Insurance Policies

We’ve looked into several online and offline policies and have written up travel insurance reviews for some of the largest insurance companies in New Zealand and the world. Want to find out what they do or don’t offer?

For a quick and easy New Zealand travel insurance comparison, click on one of the following reviews to get you started.

This list is constantly growing. Don’t see your preferred New Zealand travel insurance company here? Make sure they’re not just an agent or broker for one of the companies we’ve already reviewed and send us an email. We’ll look into it and add it to our ongoing review list.

Where to start

Feeling a little lost? Don’t worry, we’ve created a little guide to help point you in the right direction.

Just choose a review category below that best describes the type of travel insurance you’re looking for and it will bring up some of the best travel insurance policy comparisons for that group.

For a more detailed list, check out our Best Travel Insurance Plan Guide and Comparison and start from there.


We compare the best policies for those 55+.


We review of the best companies that offer complete coverage.


Heading to school abroad? Learn which companies offer the best policies.


Year long RTW or week long break? Start here.

Domestic Travel

Staying local for the holidays? We tell you the best options.


If you have kids, these are the companies you should price out first.

Visitors to NZ

Coming to New Zealand? We list some companies that can help.

Skiers and Snowboarders

Before hitting the slopes, find out which companies have you covered.


Live abroad? Find out which companies offer Expat Insurance.

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